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Use History As Your Muse: The Narcomancer edition

Last post I talked about how to use history to inform your writing and I gave Brer Rabbit as an example. That’s one way to use history, through syncretism, to create an amalgamation from different sources. However that is not the only way to use history. I read N.K. Jemisin‘s Dreamblood series for the first […]

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Use Your History As A Muse: Brer Rabbit edition

If you are an American, you have the special privilege of drawing from at least two sources of history. You can draw from the relatively young history of the United States and the history of your ancestors, wherever they originated from. Whether you’re fresh off the boat or ten generations deep you get American Folklore, […]

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Live and Learn and Then Get Writing: Report From Planet Midnight edition

It’s Black History Month and in the spirit of #weneeddiversebooks (#wndb) because Twitter likes it short) I’m highlighting Black authors. First up is Nalo Hopkinson, an Afro-Carribean-Canadian. I first read Hopkinson in late 2013 when I picked up Unnatural Creatures (her short story is toward the end) but I didn’t actively start looking for things […]

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Creating Multidimensionality: Ozioma the Wicked edition

The fourth story in Unnatural Creatures, Ozioma the Wicked, is equal parts amazing and frustrating.  The parts I am most frustrated with are also the parts that ring most true (mainly the contradictions bother me but they also bother me in my life outside of books). What’s frustrating is how many questions this story raises about […]

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Read Like A Writer: The NOS4A2 edition

This time of year is wonderful and joyous, unless you work in retail and/or have no control over the music you listen to. Then this time of year is a special brand of horrific. Joe Hill captures the horror of the season in NOS4A2 with bad teeth, special vehicles, and Christmas music. NOS4A2 is about […]

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Harry Potter and The First Chapter Edits

I set out to edit the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows because I remember reading it the summer before my senior year in college and thinking how I’d been taught to not write like that.  Embedded in the bad writing is a story that speaks to millions. A story that according […]

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Starting Dec. 5!

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