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The (Exclusionary) Writer’s Guide to Places

I bought The Writers’ Guide to Places months ago at the Goodwill Quincy and I was excited about the promise the cover makes. The vagueness of that last word, places, should have warned me that disappointment would follow. First, it’s a very narrow list of places. In this book, the places covered are the fifty […]

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A Standing Offer

About a week ago I saw an author offer to critique the first ten pages of manuscripts featuring a trans protag in response to the latest hateful edicts spewed by the US government. I love that idea and am going to take it a step further. If you identify with a marginalized community (racially, ethnically, […]

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A Tale About Waiting

Originally this post was titled Cool Resources: BookTrope. However I found out the BookTrope will be ceasing business on May 31st a few days ago. I had told myself that I would check it out more when I had more time. This happened a few months ago with Oyster. As soon as I have more […]

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