NaNoWriMo: Other places to find good NaNoWriMo Resources

How’s you’re writing doing? I’m kinda behind, so instead of writing a new prompt, I’m going to give you a few sites to visit along with a description of why I’m recommending you visit that site.

Write Or Die: you can give yourself a word goal, a time limit, and set it on three different modes and set to writing your story. I typically use consequence mode because I do respond well to threats like deleting stuff I type if I’m not typing fast enough. Whenever a writing prompt says to free write I use this site because I have to keep typing.

Wordfall: I found this a few days ago. For every word you type a shape falls. The larger the word, the larger the shape. It’s kinda cool to see a representation of your words in a pile.

Forums: have you looked through the NaNoWriMo forums? They’re great. That’s how I learned about story prompts (called crawls).

NaNoWordSprints on Twitter: this Twitter handle regularly tweets stuff during NaNo about word sprints with random prompts to help you keep writing.

Know of anymore sites? Let me know in the comments!

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