NaNoWriMo: Write Deck

I’d rather share a cool resource I’ve found and love instead of creating a writing prompt or writing exercise. If you are looking for prompts, go here.

Write Deck: A place for word sprints/word wars. You can create public ones or invite people to join you privately. I’m LitSidekick on the site, if you’d like to invite me to any of your word wars.

Write Deck is free to use, easy to understand, and if you don’t have anyone to start a word war with you can still use the site to make yourself write X amount of words. I recommend at least trying Write Deck to see if it’ll fit your writing needs. Some functionality I’d like to see on the site is setting a time limit instead of a word goal and scheduling word sprints/wars for a specific time.

This is something I hope will happen on both Write or Die and Write Deck– the ability to strikethrough words. Sometimes I need to pivot the story in a new direction mid-writing and know that the last three sentences need to be cut, but since this is NaNoWriMo I still want credit for writing those words, so when writing I’ll use the strikethrough feature to visually mark text that can go immediately when I’ve hit 50,000 words and the NaNoBot has counted them all. If I’m using Write or Die or Write Deck, right now there is no way to mark that text and since I could be writing for another 15 minutes, I don’t want to go back through everything I’ve written to find the three sentences that I want to mark.

That being said, I know enough about coding a website to know that such features probably take a lot of time to make them work satisfactorily, and since as I’ve mentioned above both websites are free services (although you can also pay for Write or Die to have a more robust interface), I’m not going to hold my breath that these features will be added any time soon.

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