NaNoWriMo: Word Sprints

I love word sprints and word wars. A word sprint, to me, is a writing for an allotted amount of time (although with Write Deck it’s writing an allotted amount of words). A word war is when you write for an allotted amount of time with other people and whoever has the biggest pile of words at the end of the time wins. Even though everyone wins because everyone has now added more words to their story.

I found a new feature on the NaNoWriMo site today that is not a writing prompt (you can find those here). You can challenge yourself to word sprints here and join in group sprints here. The scheduling a sprint functionality I was talking about yesterday? You can do it on the NaNo site. I have yet to go against anyone so

To get there from any page on the site, hover your mouse over Inspiration and click on Word Sprints.

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